Easy Easter Craft Ideas

Easter Craft Ideas for preschoolers

Here is a collection of simple Easter ideas for toddlers:

  • Draw one giant egg shape on the white paper and use it to do a collage or paint on the easel.  Put out colours that you associate with easter. When the paintings are dry older children can cut around the egg shape. Don't forget to put out some of the left handed scissors.
  • How to make a hen egg cup holder I like the association between the hen you make and the egg you put in it. Nice little bit of reinforced learning, especially for younger children. Also we are going to dye eggs. From The Guardian.
A Bird’s Nest by Hayyim Nahman Bialik
Bird's nest,
in the trees
and in the nest
there lay eggs three.

Inside each egg
- not stir -
Is a sleeping hatchling
A tiny baby bird.

easter rhyme for Pre K
The chickens in the barn go cheep, cheep, cheep,
cheep, cheep, cheep,cheep, cheep, cheep,
 The chickens in the barn go cheep, cheep, cheep,
All around the farm.
The bunnies in the hutch go (silently wiggle nose) etc

easter rhymes


More Easter ideas for littlies at EASTER ACTIVITY ROUNDUP
Easter Reading - book suggestions for early childhood years


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