Top 10 sensory ideas for toddlers

 top 10 sensory items for toddler play
This is amazing - a whole 10 weeks worth of ideas.
Thank you Meg from Make it Amazing: my sunday top 10: sensory items:
Here is a list of my top ten favorite items to encourage sensory play!
1. shaving cream with rakes
2. soapy water with whisks, bubble wands, and sponges
3.  colored water with pvc pipes and other other tubing materials, funnels, and cups
4.  a mixture of rice and beans with sieves, funnels, and scoops

sensory ideas for toddlers

5.  mud with sticks, leaves, and rocks
6.  dry sand with spoons and bowls
7.  dried corn with empty bottles and cans
8.  a collection of leaves, flower petals, and twigs with heavy rocks (or a mortar and pedestal)
9.  a tub lined with butcher paper, marbles, and squirt bottles of paint
10.  ice cubes

What are your favorite materials that encourage little people to dig in and explore in the sensory table?

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rachelle @ tinkerlab said...

so many good ideas here! thanks for adding me to your blog roll. look forward to following you too!


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