Toys for infants and toddlers

These toys are not only beautiful to look at, and they may inspire any carpenter, but they also show some of the activities that infants and toddlers enjoy, that is, they are developmentally appropriate.
If you cannot find or make similar activities, in any material, you can find stockists here.  Australian stockists can be found at the Montessori Australian Foundation. These beautifully designed and made toys are from Nienhuis Montessori
Don't forget baby and toddlers love soft balls and books too, but most of all experiencing the world with their caregiver.


Meg said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! You can link to the sensory list so long as you link it to my blog. :)

L.A said...

Thank you so much - really appreciate it

Mildred E. Benn said...

I think we are going to be heading back to a time where the quality of the toys is way more important that the quantity. I think those who are crafty and can create will be in a good position to start a toy business creating those heirloom type of toys that we don’t see anymore. I suggest every parents to collect a trampoline to give entertainment to their kids. best trampoline reviews


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