B is for Ball: games for all ages

Bal games for babies
Balls provide active play and interaction and fun and fine motor, hand and eye and strength development and balance and timing and foot and eye co ordination and did I say fun.

ball activities for early childhood
BALL ACTIVITIES:BABIES AND CRAWLERS: Offer your baby a ball to explore - touch, taste and look at. Watch it roll. Encourage her to see what else she can do with it. This will eventually help her learn to roll it, drop it in a box, and take it out again. Try balls with different shapes and textures ( kooshy, squishy, bumpy  etc.)  

ball activities for early childhood

OLDER CHILDREN: One of the easiest gross motor activities for pre-schoolers is playing ball games. Simplified soccer or baseball or basketball help pre-schoolers practice their throwing and catching, kicking, and batting skills.

Ball games also help children develop spatial awareness and laterality (being aware of the right and left sides of their bodies).

Ball games also provide lots of proprioceptive information, as we move our muscles and joints, helping us move and play in a co-ordinated way.
Pre k bowling games
Home made bowling set
Materials: Empty 2 litre bottles and balls.

Description: Teachers set up plastic bottles like bowling pins, have toddlers use a lightweight medium size plastic ball to roll from a short distance to knock the bottles down. This will be best accomplished by showing them, the first time, what you want them to do. Part of the game is getting the toddlers to help set up after their turn.

To extend this activity: use a smaller ball and add a little sand to the bottles to make them harder to knock over.

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