Cooperation in early childhood

learning cooperation in early childhood
The best thing about the parachute is that it teaches cooperation in a fun way.

Can you remember feeling frustrated that the parachute games did not go to plan? Children running under when the game needed holding of the chute, grabbing the shute, trampling over others etc? This is because we need to LEARN about cooperation. Whenever the parachute activity does not work I say "the parachute is not fun unless we work together" as I pack it away. I hope that they will "get it " and they will cooperate next time but also it just makes me feel better.
Next week I will try sitting down quietly without the chute and asking the kids what we need to do to make the game work. I think it is much more successful when the rules come from them.

Some parachute games and songs for you at Early Childhood Games.


Louise @ Tales from the Sandpit said...

Yes, That's a good thing to remember - children need time and experience to understand some very adult concepts like impulse control, delayed gratification and cooperation - and thanks for linking it to parachute games!

Lesley said...

Isn't it strange how things go - now we are both part of EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA. Have you been using the parachute games? Do you have any great ones you could add?

ec girl said...

Cooperating and connecting are 2 of the most important things and teaching these 2 children are really important

Lesley said...

I agree cooperating and connecting are important things for all of us to learn and are life long skills


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