Preschool artists

I hate craft!
Let me refine that -
I hate craft where every child has been given the same caterpillar template and the only variation is the way the child coloured it with paint.
I hate craft when adults try to impose their ideas on children by saying "the thumb tack goes here", "attach this here" etc.

I love art and I believe that all children are already artists. That is how I approach art with young children.

So what does this entail? Supplying good quality art supplies and allowing the artists room to create i.e. treating the young as artists.  Because alot of what I do is in 'supported playgroups' this usually means that I or a child or a parent decide what might be a good activity for the next week. We then decide what would be needed for the activity and I or the parent bring it along. This is because we do not have the luxury of a preschool setting, that stays set up all the time, but run at different venues.

Examples of what we have done this term are here; please click links for details:

preschool art

PAINTING this way is a great introduction to kids and parents who are not yet use to messy play.
finger painting

- Butchers paper all over table, taped on.
- lots of loose sheets of butcher paper
- 2 flat recycled trays - hand size - with paint in - 1 colour in each
- paint brushes, as some artists prefer to paint their hands first rather than plunging in the paint
- crayon to write artists name, if they don't wish to sign it themselves

PHOTO: Connor at preschool by Kelnross
 - A variety of implements that could make impressions e.g. small bottles, large lids, sponges of varying sizes, keeping in mind how little hands could hold them
- 2 flat paint trays with sponges in the bottom - colours chosen by first 2 children to arrive on morning.
- sketch pad paper, A4 size, with a bit of texture so that paint and shapes adhere well.
What I noticed: the children who did this activity were very focused and stayed at the activity for a long time; the table got covered in paint as well as the paper; the children were not slightly interested in taking their finished prints home.

preschool art ideas


WATER ART at Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

collage with preschoolers

Thank you nuchylee for photo


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