Children around the world

Children around the world

Take a moment today, International Children's Day, to think about children all around the world, not just our children or the children that we teach, but the ones who have no education or even chance of education, the ones that have not enough food tonight, the ones with no doctors or nurses available, the ones in war zones, the ones working in jobs that even adults should not do.

Besides the right to life, don't all children deserve the right to education, food, health, water, identity, fundamental freedoms and protection?  The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 9 million children under 5 years of age die each year  and about two-thirds of child deaths are "preventable through practical, low-cost interventions."
You can help children's hunger at the Greater Good site without any cost to you.
You can help children's literacy here, for free, by just a few clicks on your computer.

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