National Literacy and Numeracy Week

National Literacy and Numeracy Week poster 2015

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Literacy and numeracy do not begin when we start school. They begin in early childhood. 

Literacy and numeracy are not just about reading, writing and mathematics but the many preparatory skills required for developing them. These are often called pre literacy and pre numeracy skills. 
You can introduce these skills to children through everyday activities when reading, shopping, singing or cooking. Some of the skills include:

  • Understanding size, shape, and patterns
  • Recognizing that numbers have a value
  • Identifying quantity such as big and small and more and less
  • Matching things
  • Sorting things

  • pre numeracy game

    This year Australia celebrates literacy and numeracy on the 29 August – 4 September. Digital Literacy is being introduced this year to raise awareness of the importance of digital literacy as one of the foundation skills for the workforce in the 21st Century.
    What will you do for Literacy and Numeracy week this year? You  can join in here

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