Book Review - From Head to Toe

book review of From Head to Toe

Another great book written by Eric Carle. I especially like this one as it encourages participation in doing the actions that the beautifully collaged animals can do:
"I am a giraffe and I bend my neck.
Can you do it?
I can do it?"
There are many animals in the book - Penguin, Buffalo, Monkey, Seal, Gorilla, Cat, Crocodile, Camel, Donkey, Elephant and Parrot. All the 3 year olds joined in when I read it at group time.  I was interested to see that by the time we came to crocodile they were pre empting the action and most presumed the one trick crocodile would go Snap, Snap but to my pleasure he wriggled his hips instead.
The simple verse and large, vivid, cut out pictures got all the children bending and stretching right along with the animals.
Even though I only read it 4 weeks ago I am going to read it again tomorrow as it is so great for getting everyone moving.
I will probably then test their memory: "What did the Camel do?" etc
I will place some plastic animals in the garden hiding under that nice piece of carved bark we found to see how the play develops.
For older children you could have a memory game where you hold up an animal picture and/or word and see if they can recall the action that the animal did in the book.

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11 comments: said...

My boys are absolutely in love with animals at the moment. This will be a great book to add to our weekly books. Adding it to my books wish list for our next order. Thanks!

Lesley said...

Yes, Eric Carle is great, do your boys like any of his other books? What are their favourite books right now?

Kerry Aradhya said...

It was so fun to hear how your class spontaneously reacted to this book. What fun! I hope they enjoyed it the second time around and had fun with your little memory game, too. Thanks for sharing!

Catherine said...

This is a great book to use in the classroom to get kids moving. I've also used it really successfully with non English speakers.

Damson Lane said...

I love the sound of this book as it sounds like it really gets the children involved in the story. Haven't heard of this Eric Carle title before so than you for sharing and thank you for linking up with #kidsbookaweek

Lesley said...

Catherine, so pleased to get a message from someone else who has used this book for movement and love the ESL suggestion. It would definitely work as the pictures are so large and simple.

Lesley said...

Damson Lane, yes all the children were participating in moving which is just wonderful as sometimes there are 1 or 2 who prefer to just sit and observe.

Australian Picture Books said...

Love Eric Carle, his books and his artwork. Looks like a good one.

MamaMummyMum said...

Love the sound of this, great that the children can get so involved with the story, interaction is very important!! thanks for linking up with #ReadWithMe I have tweeted and pinned this post x

Catherine said...

I have used From Head to Tow so often in the classroom, it's a great book to use to introduce vocabulary to non English speakers too.

Georgie said...

Is there a bee in the story? Just joking! This book sounds so cool.


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