Top ideas for art with tiny tots

Top ideas for art with pre K
Don't be afraid to get messy, especially if it is a sunny day, because you can just pop the kids in the bath. If you are worried about mess then do the art outside on a grassy area.
Stay with your child and watch them create, unless, like my daughter, you are proud to display a wall mural by your 1 year old - literally an impromptu drawing on the wall by a 2 year old!
Keep ideas simple and treat your child like an artist by supplying art equipment and allowing them to explore while you just observe. Don't be tempted to draw faces and stars and trees - all you are teaching them is they cannot draw them - just allow them to enjoy the process of making their mark.

Some ideas for what to supply:
Shaving Foam
Largest drawing paper you can find
Thick crayons: easier for little fingers to hold
Thick coloured pencils: easier to hold
More Art Ideas

BEST SELLERS art is a process not a product


Vicky said...

I am a new follower. So many great ways kids can create. Love all your ideas here. My girls and I did a fun activity with shaving cream that you can find here:

Stasha said...

It is surprising what children can create if you let them.

PS said...

This idea is steller! You definitely know good stuff.
Too cool!


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