Literacy and Numeracy Week: the beginnings of reading and maths

children playing a game at preschool
A sequencing game that develops skills in early literacy and numeracy

Literacy and numeracy does not begin when we start school it begins in early childhood.

Dad reading the paper or a book shows his children that he values reading.
Following a recipe, when cooking, shows that words can help us.
Reading books to young children provides countless opportunities to learn new words, new concepts and new information and most importantly that reading can be fun and about connecting.

Reading symbols, like arrows and stop signs, is also getting reading for reading. What comes first and then next is the beginnings of numeracy.These were both combined in the game, pictured above, where we moved through the shapes in different orders.

Helping children with literacy and numeracy - Ideas for families (pdf 93kb) from Australia
Book suggestions for young children can be found at Australian Picture Books.
Number and counting ideas at  Inspiration Surrounds... Creativity Abounds
Counting songs at Kidsongs

What did you do for Literacy and Numeracy week?

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