Rock Collecting with pre-schoolers

collecting rocks with Pre K activity

Materials Needed: Strong bags or baskets or boxes, egg cartons, tempera paint, paint brushes.

collecting rocks with Pre K activity

Activity: Go on a walk collecting rocks and placing them in your strong bags or baskets or boxes.
Wash the rocks if needed and put them in sun to dry.
Talk about the sizes, colours and shapes of the rocks.
Create a collection by displaying them in the egg cartons.

Extension: Paint some of the rocks with tempera paint.

collecting rocks with Pre K activity

Extension: Make a pattern with the rocks and let the children photograph it to keep and display.

collecting rocks with Pre K activity


Rashmie @ MommyLabs said...

We love collecting rocks and pebbles. It's been sometime since we painted them. Thank you for the reminder. :)

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

gorgeous rocks, I do love the slower pace

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This is like a play when you play with the children and they just get catch up with you. That is the real time of joy when you can memorize your own childhood in the laps of the parents.


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