Food ideas with preschoolers

I am amazed at the recent synchronicity* I discovered at various early childhood sites this Friday. There was so much blogging about food and I wanted to share all the food ideas as they are too good to miss:

cooking ideas for kids
Cooking with kids at Mountaintop Family Day Care in the beautiful mountains of upstate New York, where key learning areas explored in cooking are explained: literacy, math, science, sensory, technology, fine motor and social skills  e.g.  "When we "read" recipe cards together,  we are expanding our vocabulary and language,  and begin to expand our knowledge of print and words"

cooking ideas with preschoolers

Healthy Morning Tea checklist at TODAY AT PLAY shows resources for an easy way to ensure children are getting all the healthy food they require. There are great links to Health Department endorsed downloads and an example of the food they recently provided using this checklist.

kids cooking ideas
food and fine motor at Irresistible ideas for play based learning where they explore the use of everyday, old fashioned,  sensible ideas to develop fine motor skills in children.
kids playing what's cooking in the outdoor kitchen at let the children play which is a photographic record of cooks at experimenting, exploring and learning.

* coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated


Males in Early Childhood said...

What great finds from great sites. It just goes to show how well we are all attuned to one another's philosophies & beliefs.

If you do one on mud pies you'll probably have about 50 links.

Lesley said...

Yes, I thought they were excellent and attuned. I am glad mud pies are popular as that's what kids should be doing

kewkew said...

Such great links, thanks for sharing. Of course now I feel guilty that our kitchen creation this week was far from healthy.
Would love for you to come link up at Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen this week.


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