Collage for kids


- 1 thick sheet of white paper for each child
- glue (recipe below) in pots and paint brush
- coloured paper in a variety of colours and
   patterns and textures

What I noticed:
  • the children did not go near this activity until I sat down and started ripping paper;
  • all ages from 18 months can rip paper;
  • children enjoyed gluing and using lots of glue;
  • there was a lot of glue on top of the paper so we got the glitter to shake all over; 
  • each child created their own individual art work; 
  • some of the older children spent time choosing texture, shape and colour before pasting each piece onto a white sheet.
  • all the children wanted glitter except 1 who was very involved with the blocks by then.
More 'process more important than product' art ideas.

Recipe for glue:
12 level tablespoons of cornflour
1 cup of cold water
Boiling water
In a measuring jug mix cornflour and cold water together and then add boiling water, as you stir, up to 1200mls.
Boil this, constantly stirring, until it turns clear.
Store in fridge.


RedTedArt said...

Great to do collages with kids!

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


The Adventurer said...

Love Collages:) Thanks for sharing on the NOBH

A.P. said...

you have hundreds of posts on your blog that are valuable for people to read: teachers and parents and students of young children. Thanks for all your efforts.


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