SCULPTURE with toddlers

 Set up: - outside is best (just cause I love it) You can do it inside in a large area.
We placed all the glue and scissors on one table and the large box of recycled items on the ground.

- large box of recycled containers, papers, cardboard rolls, any bits and pieces
- rolls of masking tape
- child friendly scissors
- lots of roll on glue
What I noticed:
- some children had an idea for what their creation would be - e.g. a robot or a water scooper and tried to make it:
- others worked quietly trying to glue papers on to plastic bottles or fitting rolls inside each other; science and art combined together in this activity.
- children got so involved that it was better to have more scissors, glue and tape as you cannot share as easily when the creative spirit takes you over.
- children are far more interested in the process than the end product as not one child remembered to take their creation home and I think the parents were pleased as some of them were huge.



MiaB said...

This looks awesome and so fun :)
Just to let you know, I've given you an award. you can check it out here

Have a great day

Lesley @ early play said...

Thanks Mia B so much for your appreciation


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