Little Cloud

I love books about nature and this one, with words and artwork by Eric Carle, is all about clouds - those amazing shape shifters.
On the book it says ‘When the clouds drift across the sky, Little Cloud trails behind. He’s busy looking at all the trees and animals below. And changing his own shape to match!”

So Little Cloud is a cloud that changes into different shapes - the things that it remembers such as a plane and trees. Then the cloud rejoins its peers. At this point they do what clouds often do when they get together: "Then all the clouds changed into one big cloud and rained!"

The illustrations and the story are simple and this is what makes the book appealing. Eric Carle's collage art features broad, swirling strokes and simple shapes that inspire kids to look at the sky.

We always try and read this book when sitting outside and before you know it everyone is lying on their backs and looking at the clouds.

Here are some more activities to link in with this book:

Making Cotton ball clouds at Teach Preschool

Create cloud hand puppets

Explore shaving foam clouds

Cloud Identification Kit from Nature Watch

Rain science for kids
PURCHASE: Little Cloud board book

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Bethany @ No Twiddle Twaddle said...

We love Eric Carle too, but we have actually never read Little Cloud. Thanks for sharing it with The Children's Bookshelf!

Lesley said...

You are welcome Bethany, hope you have read it by now, it is a sweet little book.

MamaMummyMum said...

I love Eric Carle books but I never seen this one, looks like a sweet book. thanks for linking up with #ReadWithMe off to tweet your post now x

Catherine said...

Little Cloud was one of the first books I recommend on my blog. It's a great book to include in a topic about weather :)

#read with me

Honey Tallulah said...

This sound like a really nice book. x

Elizabeth Cave said...

We love Little Cloud as well. It is so true that reading this book outside makes the most sense- because if you aren't outside, you want to run out immediately! I think it's a hidden Eric Carle gem. Whenever I need to grab a book quickly (so as not to lose track of my 2 & 3 year olds...) I go right over to Carle and take a few and that's how we stumbled upon it. Thanks as well for the activity suggestions!

Keitha said...

We love reading this book. Thanks for including a list of cloud activites.

Hannah said...

I like Eric Carle books so I will have to look out for this one, it looks fun. I like the idea of reading it outside and looking at the clouds.

Jenny H said...

I completely forgot about this book. We used to have it until it got rained on, ironically, and had to be thrown out.

ccarpinello said...

Clouds are so fascinating! This is a new book for me. Will definitely be checking it out. Thanks for sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop.


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