Bubble Painting

Bubble painting is fun because everytime we do it we create something different and unique.
The main thing is to blow not suck through the straw!

Materials needed:
Paint or food colouring
Dishwashing liquid
Dish or tray
Paper - any paper works but the absolute best is water colour paper

Choose a place where you don't mind making a mess.
Mix together the paint (or food colouring) and some washing up liquid.
Whisk it up to make it frothy.
Place in a tray or large flat dish. (we used an aluminium pie plate)

Add some water until it is the right consistency to blow bubbles.
Use the straw to blow into the mixture to make bubbles.
Gently place the paper on top of the bubbles.
Lift paper away to reveal your bubble print.
Leave to dry OR repeat whole process with another colour if you like.

This one was made with the brightest paints we could find.


Eddie said...

Wow, what nice bright colours!

Lesley @ early play said...

Yes we love those fluoro paints, dont you?

Renee said...

i love it, i think ill try this today. the bright one loks amazing. thanks for sharing!
Renee from

Lesley @ early play said...

Let me know how it goes. i would love to see some one else's art.

Renee said...

It didnt turn out as good as yours! But worked much better then the times we have tried it previously. I just put a pic on our fb page, check it out at :!/pages/Adventures-at-home-with-mum/152901161472487
thanks for the inspiration

Penny said...

Love this idea, so cool, cant wait to try it. Ta.

Janina said...

i work in early childhood and I emailed this website post to all my teacher
friends, Ƅecause if I like to гead it next my friends will too. (Please excuse English is not first language)


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