Tummy Time

Baby lying across a bolster at Gymboree tummy time

Lying babies on their tummies helps them develop their senses, their muscles and their brain and should be a natural part of a baby's day from birth.
Paediatricians and Early Childhood Nurses are concerned that many babies do not have much time on their tummies since the recommendation of sleeping babies on their backs. In Britain they are using the slogan 'Tummy to play, Back to Sleep' to emphasize that there is also a daily need for tummy time. It helps babies in a variety of ways:
  • it helps them develop strength in their neck for control in an upright position
  • it develops the essential muscles for later crawling and walking
  • aids the development of vision
  • weight bearing on hands develops skills required to later hold a pencil 
  • it helps prevents a flattened area on the back of the head 
SAFETY: Always supervise your baby when they are playing on their tummy.
If your baby falls asleep on their tummy place them on their back.

When you first start to do tummy time:
  • lie baby on your chest when you are reclined in a chair or bed
  • lie baby on your chest when you are flat in bed
  • across your lap in a face down position
  • on a soft pillow or rug
  • on a boomerang shaped pillow
  • provide short periods of tummy time daily, for even one minute, when baby is calm
  • gradually build up the length of time
When baby can hold head up a little:
  • Place toys in front of baby on ground 
  • Lie down in front of the baby and talk or sing
  • Place a shatter-proof mirror to the front as a visual interest
  • Place the baby to play on their tummy at least 1-2 times a day or more
  • Use different textures to lie baby on
  • lie baby on a large beach ball or bolster, holding them around the waist, rock them gently back and forward
  • even reflux babies should play on their tummy (try play time before feed time)
Older child crawling



Jode said...

I loved gymboree with my now teen...not game to try it on my own with twin toddlers just yet!
It is indeed a great activity for bubs though!

early play said...

No you need an extra helper - do you mean Gymbaroo ( in Australia?) Did your twins enjoy tummy time?

Jode said...

Yep sorry, meant gymbaroo..they hated tummy time as both had reflux and it caused more vomiting and pain...had to come up with creative ways to get some tummy time in as it is so important!

momto8 said...

yes..this nd most babies like being on their belly...when my youngest weere babies they all slpet on their bellie..can you imagine that now?! I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

Georgia Training Inst. said...

So glad to see this information posted. There needs more understanding by all the generations and nationalities of the importance of tummy time.

Creative Craft said...

When I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the wrong button. Just wanted to also say thanks for posting on the importance of tummy time - not enough said.

Yani said...

I love looking through a post that can make people think like this one. Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment. it's sad that we need programs to make us understand the importance of allowing children to stretch and play on the floor.

Suhani Roy said...

This is a great and very sweet idea!
nice one is here...


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