Best Toys for kids or The B's Have it

B is for best and the best toy list includes:
  • balls of any shape or size
  • blocks
  • books
  • boxes
  • bubbles
  • art supplies
Balls provide active play and interaction and fun and fine motor, hand and eye and strength development and balance and timing and foot and eye co ordination and did I say fun.
Blocks provide development in problem solving and spatial reasoning and all of the above, but not so active, with the addition of imagination.
Books are life long friends that help us to listen and learn to read and imagine and get lost in other worlds and find out how to do things.
Boxes can be big or small creations that encompass colourful painted gifts and dwellings for small folk, containers for beetles, train carriages, buses and shelves and... whatever you like.
Bubbles are for wonder and science and outdoors and joy and sharing
Art supplies are essential for budding artists


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Fabulous list! Thanks for sharing with the Afterschool Blog Hop =)

Play Ideas said...

Hows about no toys just nature and found things and household things - you know pots and pans and plastic containers and recyclables?

deepak sharma said...

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