Earth Day everyday

How do we cultivate a life-long love for nature in children living in a world of rapid environmental change?
Children appreciate nature if we allow them to have real life experiences in the natural world. Nature beckons and there are so many wonders to enjoy. Your eyes see it's beauty, your ears hear it's interesting sounds, your nose senses it's fresh fragrances and your hands and feet feel it's many textures. The best way to help children experience nature is to encourage them to explore outdoors in a setting appropriate for their age. With very young children you can:
  • talk about the breeze
  • listen to the birds
  • sit under a tree
  • go to the beach
  • walk in a creek
  • observe insects
  • dig in the garden
  • water the garden
  • collect leaves, pine cones, rocks and shells in a bucket
Besides learning a love for nature going outdoors contributes to their overall development:
  • When crawling through the grass they are exploring with most senses
  • When picking up a leaf they are using their fine motor skills
  • When running along the beach they are using their gross motor skills

If you are looking for more specific ideas for older children The Kids' Nature Book: 365 Indoor/Outdoor Activities and Experiences by Susan Milford is an excellent resource for parents or teachers wanting to help nuture the love of nature. There is an activity offered for each day of the year, based around the seasons, geared towards 4 to 10 year olds. Some of the activities are simple events that could take place in the home such as making a nature display area, or reading a story or poem about nature while others are activities to do in the back garden. park or beach such as making rubbings of tree bark, getting to know rocks and minerals and making a scarecrow.

Nuturing children's outdoor play
Wonder of water
Rock Collecting
OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - vitamin G (Green)

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Jode said...

What a lovely post and linky idea!!

Roopa said...

Agree, it is very important for the little and big kids to be amongst nature to love it:)

Jackie H. said...

That kids nature book looks great. We'll have to look for that.


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