Mother's Day Art idea

early childhood play
Children love to create stuff - usually transient things like bubbles and sand castles, cubby houses and mud pies.
Mother's Day is a time for making special gifts to express our love so the difficulty is having something more permanent to give that is still an expression from the child and not an adult directed activity.
You know how you would feel if someone told you that you had to make this thing, that you did not choose to make, and you had to "do it like this, no, no, like this and then this". You would feel so frustrated.
This is why I always do a lot of artwork leading up to a special gift giving time of year like Mother's or Father's Day or Christmas. Then simply ask each child to choose the one they would like to give as a gift and frame it. This does not need to be an expensive frame - I often use pre cut cardboard frames that you can purchase from the 2 dollar shops or for a really good quality try Educational Art Supplies. Don't forget to put the date and child's name on the back so it can be kept as a lasting momento. I hope you liked this hassle free gift idea and would love to hear if you have a simple gift giving idea too here in the comments.
If you would like a large supply of frames contact Educational Art Supplies


our earth sky sea said...

Thank you for posting this idea

The Adventurer said...

Great idea and home made items from the children are always more special:)


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