Learning about shapes

We learn what we are exposed to, so lets play around with shapes. 

Why do we introduce shapes at an early age? They help with symbol recognition which is part of reading and writing and patterns which is part of geometry. 

The best way, I have found, to introduce shapes is not to confuse children at first with lots of shapes but to focus on 1 a week.  I usually introduce shapes at about 2 and a half years of age but it depends on the child's interest. I slowly introduce stars, then circles, then squares and then triangles.

CIRCLE IDEAS: In order of difficulty:
Cooking: children help to make cookies, pancakes, pikelets: talk about the shape
Sorting: ask children to sort 3D circle shapes into one container, and other shape into another container.
Drawing: one of the first shapes children make naturally
Design: use coloured circle shapes or stickers to make a design on cardboard or paper.
Painting: draw a large circle on a piece of paper for children to paint.
Collage: draw a large circle on a piece of paper for children to glue inside of the circle.
Cutting: learning to cut around a large circle is a challenge.
Tracing circles: worksheet with different size circles.

STAR SHAPE: Everyone loves stars don't you think? Have a look at the twinkle twinkle theme which has lots of ideas.
Other shapes to slowly introduce are circles, then squares, then triangles and of course hearts.


Jode said...

I love this post! Currently exploring shapes with the twins as they have shown a real interest in them. Can't wait to incorporate some of these ideas....and can't believe i had forgotten about stars!!

Mel said...

Hi, this is Mel, what a great idea, going to look for animal print paper in my old scrap booking supplies


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