Rolling down the hill

early childhood activity

I remember loving to roll down a grassy hill when I was young. Did you do this?
Another thing we use to love, which combined outdoors and laughter, was spinning around and around and then falling down flat on our back with eyes wide open to watch the world go spinning around. Going on the tire swing was also great fun.

All these activities are loved by most children and stimulate the vestibular system which is the balance centre in the inner ear. As a matter of fact it is immature in infants and young children and they need these activities. Luckily they are fun and come naturally for most. Some children however do not enjoy these activities and should not be forced to participate. The vestibular system gives us information about where we are in space. It works with the input from our eyes and helps us judge distance.

Children's playgrounds are full of activities that stimulate the vestibular system: swings, slides and merry grounds which are all just so much fun to most young children. Children's early learning and confidence comes through this moving and having fun.

Recommended book for practical lessons to get kids moving:

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Kierna C said...

The joy of rolling down a hill is hard to beat! Thanks for linking up & commenting.

Deborah Nielson said...

I love your focus on movement and play for young children in this post. It's a good reminder that children need these movements to develop properly. Thanks for the post.
Deborah from

Jen Farr said...

Simple play is often the best! My girls love rolling down hills. Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party.


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