Playgrounds: part 4

Lately many people have been talking about redesigning their preschool outdoor play areas and I have found a beauty: an Early Childhood Centre in New York. 
The area includes a small bubbling water feature, “secret” paths between tall edible plants, carved wooden sculptures, a mini orchard with dwarf apple trees, gentle grassy hills, and raised planters full of flowers, vegetables and herbs. Children can drive tricycles through a large tunnel, dig in a giant sand area, and race down slides embedded in the side of a hill. Also in the design are various sound elements including large, tuned chimes played with mallets, a booming “Thunder Drum” for children to pound on, and a variety of twinkling wind chimes hung in trees.
playground for toddlers
The playscape is designed for infants and toddlers
This design, by Planet Earth Playscapes, which is Rusty Keeler and Leon Smith, was awarded 2nd Place in an international playground design competition sponsored by the International Play Association.
See more of this functional design at  Planet Earth Playscapes 
Get Rusty's inspiring book:
Natural Playscapes by Rusty Keeler

If you are in the lucky position of designing a play area you might also like to visit:


Jodie Clarke said...

What a fantastic space! I really want to do a grassy mound with a slide but the slides are so expensive unfortunately!
Thanks for the links all this inspiration for our own outdoor space!

Lesley said...

Yes I am loving the local grassy mound at North Cronulla Park which has a double slide and a bridge before the climb up. (Well my grandson is!)
Many years ago we got a second hand plastic slide from our kid's preschool. It's still going strong.
But grassy mounds without slides are great for rolling down, or running down so actually developmentally better than just a slide.

Tina Paul said...

Also in all this is the understanding that the life long need for exercise and habits is laid down in the early years


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