Crafts for kids: nature crafts

What are nature crafts? Basically any craft which uses the raw materials of nature:  bark, twigs, leaves, shells, plants, seed pods, rocks, pebbles, dirt and sand and any materials found in nature.
Children and adults love getting outdoors and collecting natures materials. We do it naturally when we walk along the beach and collect shells.
Want some inspiration to get started on nature crafts with young children? Here are some ideas...

nature crafts for preschoolers
Collect some raw materials from your local area as they did at earth sky sea child. 
Make sure everyone understands we are using what nature does not need - we are not picking live plants or ripping bark off trees.
nature crafts for children
From about 3 years of age children would have the finger dexterity to thread the shells for some sea shell wall hangings or free standing decorations or mobiles.
nature crafts for preschoolers
For something a lot more involved and permanent you can use smooth, flat stones to create a pebble mosaic that can be a garden feature. This needs a wooden sandbox, sand, string and a large nail to mark the spiral shape and concrete. Obviously this is a large project that could a family project with a lot of adult help when it comes to the concrete. Step by step instructions are here at This Old House.

nature crafts for children
Using found objects to create a beautiful table setting
at Caro & Co.

nature crafts for children
Boats made out of natural materials
ready to float at Bowerbird Blue
nature crafts for preschoolers

nature crafts for children
Of course nature crafts can use live pieces of nature, as in this potted succulent tray, as long as the nature is going to be kept alive.

leaf man by Lois Ehlert
Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert which won the Ala Notable Children's Books, Younger Readers Awards, is a great story book to give inspiration when using leaves to create nature art.
Hope you enjoy getting out in nature with a purpose and noticing all the small and tiny things and creating crafts with your free, found objects as well.
See what natural materials we collect in Sydney on our walks and visits to the park.  Let me know what you have found and made.


Coombe Mill said...

Oh some lovely ideas here, must be lots we can think of with the lovely autumn leaves coming up.

Lesley @ early play said...

Looking forward to seeing all your leaf crafts

Dorothy Johnson said...

I love the stone mosaic. I have some small stones that are similar in shape. I think I'll try creating something small from them. Thanks!


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