EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATORS: what area of educating do you need more ideas or confidence in?

early childhood
Imagine if you were told tomorrow you had to run the movement program for the rest of the year at your centre - would you feel confident? Maybe you have to come up with 20 ideas for environmental education. Would this be simple and quick for you?
As teachers we often feel that there is an area we need extra support in.

Please take my 1 minute anonymous survey if you work in early childhood - family day care, home schooling, child care, pre school, parenting so I can help you get the specific information in the areas that you have identified.

This quick survey is anonymous...BUT if you would like to add a comment here or privately email me and let me know your response, I will send you a FREE copy of the educational material I create in answer to this survey.

Thank you so much for your interest and participation.

Here is the survey on facebook.
If you are not on facebook please let me know so I can email you my survey.
You could just choose 1 or more of the ideas below and post in comments.


your daily activities


Georgie said...

Baby Play ideas
lots more play ideas

Redwing said...

Thanks for your write-up on this topic. From my personal experience it is not numeracy but literacy. Thanks. Looking forward to getting your newly created info on early child hood

Australian Picture Books said...

Sure was a quick survey - I took it on facebook - only took a minute, but food for thought, I also look forward to your new content created from it. Thanks


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