Home Education Resources in Australia

Support for parents who are interested in Home Schooling: Support Groups for Home Schooling,  Publications, Curriculum ideas, Blogs about homeschooling, While these resources (below) are mainly from Australia they would be worthwhile for home schooling parents world wide.
Home schooling Resources in Australia

Support Groups for Home Schooling - Australia
Publications for Home Schooling - Australia
  • Otherways Magazine
  • Stepping Stones for Home Educators (archived)

  • Curriculum ideas for Preschool Home Schooling - Australia
    Blogs about homeschooling
    • RacheousSnippets of the life of a mama & lover of all things Montessori
    • Livin on the Road: travelling Australia as a family with 4 kids in a caravan
    Other Homeschooling resources
    Magazine: Practical Homeschooling
    homeschooling magazine

    Do you know any other home schooling resources you would like to be added?

    Hip Homeschool Moms


    Abagail P. said...

    great resource thanks. did you see the recent TV show on unschooling? i know this is not homeschooling but it was interesting

    Lesley said...

    Hi Abagail, no did not see the show and don't know that much about unschooling except that it lets the child take the initiative in what they do much like A.S. neil's Summerhill in England where classes are optional. Thanks for dropping by and glad you got some use from the home schooling list.

    Georgie said...

    I will pass this list on to my homeschooling friend. Thanks.

    Lesley @ early play said...

    Great, thanks for that, hope they find it useful and if they have any other homeschooling resources I would love to add them


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