12 Tactile sensory play ideas

The experiences below give input through the sense of touch amongst other things.
Our senses gives us information to organize ourselves and successfully interact with the world. The tactile system gives us many different kinds of sensations including light and heavy touch, temperature, pressure and pain. The tactile exploration in the following ideas is through a range of mediums.
sensory play ideas for pre-schoolers

Body painting - all over skin sensation
Clay play - great for muscles in fingers and hands
Cornstarch clay - recipe of how to make it
Finger painting - free and unstructured experimentation with colour and colour mixing
Fragrant garden - dig in the dirt to create a beautiful perfumed garden
Marvellous mud - cool and squishy and fun
Massage - can be beneficial to all ages
Papier mache - paper strips and glue creations
Play dough pizza - pound, roll and cut and decorate
Sand play - soft, hard, wet or dry.
Slime recipe - ooey, gooey squishy slime
Wonderful water - soothing relaxing and invigorating

Never push your child to continue tactile activities if they have a strong dislike for them as some children have tactile defensiveness.

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Georgie said...

Great list of ideas thanks

Lesley @ early play said...

You are welcome.

EYFS Nursery Dubai said...

Thanks my dear, I am in Dubai and running out of ideas to keep the kids occupied, until school starts, Thanks a bunch for these great ideas.

Lesley said...

You are most welcome and Thank you for letting me know. Would love to know more about your early years school in Dubai

Coombe Mill said...

Now that is a serious mud bath! there is so much outdoors for kids to make the most of sensory play. Thank you for joining me on Country Kids.

Lesley said...

Thanks Coombe Mill for commenting and I hope you are enjoying lots of sensory play


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