How to introduce music to children

Music is important as it helps develop so many skills and brings so many benefits from the musicality of melody, beat, rhythm and tempo to the cognitive development through listening, remembering and sequencing and all that is in between. You don't need to be a music expert or even play a musical instrument to implement a successful music program. 

As Plato said music is important.
So how do you introduce music to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers or even older children? First of all don't be daunted because, more likely than not, you are already doing it. Do you sing songs and rhymes with the children? This is a great musical experience - one of the best as it involves melody, rhythm, beat and tempo, repetition, listening, sequencing and speech

introducing preschool children to music

If, as I suspect, you are already singing songs to the baby or toddlers in your life then you may wish to introduce some simple percussion musical instruments. Making music brings children joy, fun and the freedom to create. Using instruments also helps even the shyest non participator to join in.  Here are my suggestions for different ages:

                                   Meinl Percussion Egg Shaker Set - 4 Piece

Babies - something safe they can hold and shake like a large egg shaker or other shaker.

                                 Easy to hold and play D'Luca Rainbow Xylophone

Toddlers - bells and shakers and a xylophone with a safe thick stick.

                                          Classic Solid Hardwood Claves

3 year olds and older - tapping sticks, triangles, tambourines and drums.

Educators just need to be brave, enthusiastic and enjoy themselves because then the children will do the same. Rebecca Andrews and Fiz Halsey at Australian Teacher Magazine.

  • Song lyrics for hundreds of early childhood songs
  • Videos of early childhood songs so you can hear and learn the tune and lyrics. These songs all have an added movement component.
  • Don't forget to look at my MUSIC PLAY section on Pinterest for lots of practical, fun music ideas where you will discover many inspirations for music play with young children.
If you purchase the musical instruments through my affiliate links it is at no extra cost to you. I have over 20 years experience in working in early childhood and I only recommend things that I truly love. 

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