What to expect from a 2 year old

The development of two-year olds:

Gross Motor: 
  • Walking.
  • Running.
  • Learning to throw a ball overhand.
  • Kicks a large ball.
  • Balances on one foot.
  • Can jump. 
  • Walking up stairs 2 feet to 1 step. 
  • Opportunities for running, jumping, swinging and climbing.
  • Ball games.
  • Parachute games.

Fine Motor: 
  • Builds a tower with 6 blocks or more.
  • Drawing, colouring and painting are enjoyed.
  • Draws a vertical line in imitation and eventually draw a circle. 
  • Play dough & Clothes peg games strengthen the muscles in the hand.
  • Preferred hand may be obvious by 2 1/2.
  • Threading by 2 1/2.
  • Feeds self with a spoon.
  • Finger plays e.g. "Open Shut them.
  • Chalk Drawing
  • Learning to blow bubbles

  • Can say at least 50 individual words up to 200. 
  • Can identify several body parts.
  • Follows a 2-step verbal command.  
  • Starts to put 2 words together and eventually speak in short sentences.  
  • Have lots of conversations with your child. 
  • Read lots of books.  
  • Learning colours.
Cognitive Development: 
  • Reasoning begins during this year. 
  • Simple puzzles are enjoyed.
  • Block play.
  • Positions, such as in, out, up, down, under, over, can be learnt. 
  • Sorting things in groups.
  • Counting is beginning.
  • Learning that things start and end.

  • More of an interest in other children.
  • Modelling behaviour. 
  • Parallel play. 
  • Happy to play by self for short periods of time.
  • Imaginative play is beginning.
  • Possessive.
  • Demanding.

  • May want to choose own shoes or clothes: offer a choice of 2.
  • Learning to brush teeth.
  • Learning to take off their clothes.
  • Learning to wash their hands.
  • Can indicate need to go to toilet.
  • Can play on own for short periods of time.
  • Pick up toys.
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