Leaf art creations

The transient nature of leaf art ... I love it. I also love how children create little pieces of art everywhere and it is ephemeral and they have no attachment, they just move on. 

It is only me that gets them to take photos (or I take them) and it is only us grown ups that collect their art work - they have no care: they have moved on to the next moment.

The great thing about this activity is that you need to buy no supplies they are in nature and you need no preparation or clean up... just go for a walk with a toddler and pick up some fallen leaves. Oh, and if you think this is not art I suggest you check out this post Nature art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 
Leaf art creations
Autumn leaf contrasts with the black textured background

Leaf art creations with preschool children
Arrangement of Leaves on ground
Stained glass effect with light shining through
leaf art
Photinia Rainbow
leaves and hessian art and craft
The addition of hessian as a base to work on

toddlers Leaf art
Interesting design at RESURRECTION fern


Jann @ thompson's crafts said...

These leaf activities look amazing. I think it is the color of the leaves with the strong contrasting backgrounds. Thanks for the ideas.

Dinesh Jetwani said...

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Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work.
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Joanie P. said...

These look so colourful and artistic, I can't wait to go walking with my kids to try some leaf art. Cheers for this and all your other early childhood ideas.


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