A list of all the articles on early play

B is for Ball
Parachute games
Best Toys for kids or The B's Have it
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star has it all
Rainy day ideas for preschoolers
This term's bucket list
8 free places to visit with kids 
Tactile play - 12 sensory play ideas
Hundreds of play ideas
Indoor picnic play 
Same toys different ways
Self directed play


Baby Meditation
Books for babies
Massage rhymes
Tummy Time
Talking with your baby
Toilet training
Top 10 baby play activities

Bubble blowing
Bubble recipe
Fingerpaint recipe and how to paint with toddlers
Songs and rhymes with movement: 1 potato 
Musical instruments
Playdough recipes: microwave and uncooked
Outdoor fun
Books 1 and 2 year olds love
Best toys for toddlers
Chalk drawing


Mother's Day
Father's Day quotes, rhymes and cards
Easy Easter Craft Ideas
Easter reading for the early years
International Mud Day in June: Mud, glorious mud
Christmas - How to make salt dough ornaments


Art and Craft and learning
Benefits of a blackboard 
Gifted and talented children
Growing children's social competance
Handwriting in Early Childhood
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum
Playgroups - why they are important for children
Learning about shapes: circles, stars, hearts,

Making a shekere
Making a simple horn
Clapping songs
Circle dances
Body action songs
Finger plays
best toys
Innovative ideas for educating boys?
Round up of early childhood news
Parenting Questions/parenting styles
Guiding Children's behaviour - the what and how - part 1
Biting - a challenging behaviour
Ancient methods of toilet training
Toys for infants and toddlers: montessori toys
A poem by Loris Malaguzzi
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum

Earth Day everyday

playgrounds worldwide
Playgrounds part 2:  Imagination Playground Park New York
Playgrounds: part 3 - specific Adventure playgrounds
Playgrounds: part 4  - preschool outdoor play areas
Playgrounds Part 5: Natural play space inspirations
Leaf Hunt
Mud play
Natural play materials
Gardening with children
Nature art ideas
Nature rubbings
Nature table
Looking for insects
Designing outdoor natural play spaces
GO OUTside and PLAY: a blog hop for you
Sand play 
Shadow play
Wonder of water 


Creating your own rhymes including This little wombat went walkabout
Songs for babies and toddlers
Massage rhymes
Counting songs 


Early Childhood craft recipes Cornstarch Clay, finger paint, Bright chalk, Cornflour Goop, PlaydoughBody Paint/Face Paint,  Puffy Paint Slime or GungePapier Mache
Bubble Painting
Butterfly painting
Clay Play
Finger painting
Leaf Art
Outdoor painting
Painting straight from the tube
Papier Mache
Preschool artists
Puffy paint: Make your own puffy paint   All about puffy paint
SCULPTURE with toddlers
Stick crafts: Weeping willow wreaths
Rip and tear paper for a collage.
Put your money where your mouth is: early childhood art philosophy


Cooking with kids
Food ideas with preschoolers


Books to read to your 0 - 4 year olds
Book review - You Are My I Love You
Book Review - From Head to Toe with extension activities
Book Review - Little Cloud with 5 extension activities
Book Review -
Christmas Books for Prechoolers
Easter reading for the early years


Early literacy resources
Free Resources for early childhood
Home Education Resources
Animal Biodiversity
Literacy and Numeracy resources
Natural play space inspiration for your outdoor play area
GO OUTside and PLAY: a blog hop for you
Environmental theme

Creating play areas

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